The situation of the Tower makes very easy to visit many places of interest. Next you will find a list of interesting places to visit and activities.


The city of Tortosa is situated in the valley of the river Ebro. It is worth highlighting the great amount of historical monuments which witness the importance Tortosa had for the different civilizations that have coveted it, especially the Crown of Aragon. Tortosa was possibly the village of Hibera, capital of the Iberian area of Ilercavonia. The most important buildings to visit are Els Col.legis Reals (the Royal Colleges), various palaces like the Montagut, Despuig, Oriol and Campmany palace. The convent of Santa Clara, the Market, several modernist, historical and eclectic buildings, Teodoro Gonzalez park, Castle of Suda...


Els Ports natural park

Situated between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon, this calcareous, steep and abrupt range of mountains arises in front of us as natural space full of wildlife. Els Ports Natural Park was established in 2001, with an area of 35,050 hectares. Populated by pine trees, holm oaks, beeches and oaks, wild goats, wild boars and vultures can also be seen. Hiking cycling, climbing and bird watching can be the ideal way to explore the varied terrain.


River Ebre and Delta Natural Park

The Ebre Delta is the largest wetland in Catalonia, with an area of 320 km2. It is one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean Europe. It forms a huge triangle -almost an island- surrounded by water and connected to the mainland by what was the ancient coastline. A place where boundaries mingle; the sky and the earth, the land and the water, fresh and salt water, farmland and native vegetation.


Other activities

You can practice many activities: visit the Jewish quarter of Tortosa, cycling along the Greenway (Via Verda) in les Terres de l'Ebre or in the Delta, wine routes and visit the Modernist wineries in la Terra Alta, Peace Route: spaces of the Battle of Ebro, border castles route: the mark of the Terres de l’Ebre...


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