Torre del Prior

Isolated rural house located in a agricultural estate dedicated to the mandarin and cereal cultivation. Quiet surroundings and at the same time close to Tortosa, els Ports Natual Parc, the River Ebre and Delta Natural Park.
La casa

The house

The architectural ensemble of the Torre del Prior occupies a hectare and it is formed by a twelfth century defense tower and a series of adjacent agricultural buildings surrounded by several old yards. Facing south the group of buildings forming an L surrounds a courtyard with an enormous plane tree. There is also a pond which has been turned into a swimming pool. The buildings have been restored and turned into shared lodging for up to 15 people. The house has 7 double rooms with bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, dining room and leisure and resting areas.



The kitchen and dining room

The living room

Mandarin Fields

Near the house there are mandarines. During the months of November and December you can pick the mandarins yourselves to make own juice for breakfast.


Have breakfast with the typical products of the zone. You can freely cook in the kitchen


A sample of some of the activities the area offers: